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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire a boat?

You can make an enquiry online via the website but best to call the office on (02) 9456 7000 and make a booking.

If I hire a boat can someone else drive it?

Yes they can as long as they are competent and know what they are doing.

What if it is raining or bad weather?

We do offer a defer date option if the weather is terrible however a light shower does not warrant a cancellation. We cannot accept a cancellation with full refund within 72 hours unless BOM have issued a warning.

What time should I arrive before my booking?

You should aim to arrive 15mins before your hire so all the paper work can be completed.

Can we take alcohol out on the boat with us?

Yes you can as long as the driver remains under 0.5% and in full control of the boat and passengers. However, generally alcohol and boating do not mix well if consumed in excess.

How fast do the boats go?

All boat, apart from the boats that require a boat licence travel no faster than 10knots. There is a 4know speed limit around Berowra Waters residential area. The Boab Boats, requiring a boat licence travel in excess of 20knots depending on tide and weather conditions.

Am I insured if something happens?

The hirer assumes responsibility for the boat, so if anything happens to the boat, and it’s deemed to be that of the fault of the hirer or their party, they are held accountable. In the case of it not being the fault of the hirer’s party, we are insured.

Where can I take the boat? Are there limits?

The end of COBA just before BAR ISLAND is the limit that you can take our hire boats unless you have hired a BOAB boat.

Can I bring my dog along?

Pets are welcome however you will be required to clean up after your pet is there is any mess.

Am I allowed to tow behind the boat?

Under no circumstances can you tow anything behind our hire boats unless you have hired a BOAB Boat and are water skiing or tubing.

Can we raft boats up?

No as this causes damage to the boats.

Are kids and infants allowed on the boat?

Yes children and infants are allowed on the boat and life jackets will be supplied.

Is there parking while we hire a boat?

Yes there is unlimited parking in the council car park right next to the Berowra Waters Marina.

What is the mobile phone coverage like at Berowra Waters?

If you are with Telstra then you will have reasonable phone coverage. All other suppliers will be limited to text messages or less.

Berowra waters Boat Hire