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Terms of Hire

General Conditions of Hire (failure to comply with these conditions may result in part, or all, of the deposit being forfeited)

The hirer and all occupants are capable of undertaking the hire
The hirer is responsible for the conduct and safety of the vessel and occupants at all times
The hirer is responsible for breakage, damage or loss to the boat and equipment
The hirer is responsible for any damage to other vessels and structures during hire
The hirer agrees to ensure all passengers or occupants comply with all instructions issued
The hirer agrees to operate the boat within the limits shown on the map provided
The hirer agrees to return the vessel by the time stipulated during the briefing and understands a $50.00 late fee may apply if the vessel is returned after this time
The hirer agrees that should the vessel returned in an unreasonable state of cleanliness that anexcess cleaning fee of $50 may apply

The hirer acknowledges (but is not necessarily limited to):

The hirer has received instructions on use and location of on-board safety equipment
The hirer has received instructions on how to safely operate and navigate the vessel
The hirer has received a map detailing boundaries and navigational hazards
The hirer has received instructions with regards to heading out of, and back into Berowra Waters Marina
The hirer operates a boat according to their own limitations (particularly with regards to alcohol)
The hirer will not operate the vessel outside of the instructions issued unless specifically approved by Berowra Waters Boat Hire
The hirer understands the passenger limits applicable to the vessel being hired (nb: these may vary according to any applicable COVID-19 restrictions in force at the time of hire).

Cancellation Policy

If the hirer cancels the booking within 72 hours of the hire their payment will be forfeited unless another hirer for the vessel is confirmed at which time the original hirer will have their payment refunded.

If the hire has been cancelled by Berowra Waters Boat Hire (eg due to unsafe conditions) the hirer is entitled to a full refund of the payment, or a suitable alternative date for the hire.

Please note: Berowra Waters Boat Hire reserves the right to cancel hires without notice.
Generally, Berowra Waters Boat Hire will only cancel hires if the conditions are not considered safe (usually this is because of wind and a warning from BOM – rain itself is not generally considered as being sufficient enough grounds to cancel).

Berowra waters Boat Hire